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Needs analysis

We begin our learner-centred approach by conducting a comprehensive needs analysis. This research identifies the intended learning outcomes of the product and begins to develop our understanding of the students.

  • Learner-centred, high quality learning
  • Learning outcomes met with relevant course and training material
  • Tailored learning experience to support a spectrum of learner needs
  • Education strategies and market analysis for the successful marketability of programmes


Course & program design

We work with you to scope, design and develop high quality, relevant learning material specific to your organisation. Our program and course design is centred on the learning experience in the context of the program, how efficiently it delivers the outcomes and what it seeks to deliver for industry or accreditation requirements. This service caters to face to face, blended or online delivery of programs of courses.

  • Learning material development unique to your organisation
  • Delivery informs design
  • Outcomes focuses


Learning platform hosting & maintenance

Academy specialises in the development and implementation of content and learning management solutions for education providers and corporate L&D departments. We host and manage your product in an Learning Management System (LMS) of your choice. We will also manage the maintenance of the course if you desire.

  • Scalable online hosting
  • Technical support at all times
  • Uploading and maintenance of course material
  • Management and tracking of courses


Face to face and online delivery

Academy provides delivery services for a range of courses including lecturers, tutors and facilitation for face-to-face or online and blended delivery. With access to a pool of 12,000 qualified educators we have the resources to recruit and manage facilitators.

  • Scalable educator recruitment
  • Onboarding and compliance tasks specific to your organisation
  • Timesheets and payroll

Creating unique experiences, together.

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