Congratulations on being offered an online facilitation role with Academy and RMITOnline. Each teaching period we review numerous high calibre candidates. You are among a select few that have suitable qualifications, teaching and industry experience to be a successful online facilitator.

This page outlines the onboarding and induction steps that are required to be taken prior to commencing your position with RMITOnline.


Welcome and congratulations for being appointed to our growing Academy team!

For first time facilitators, please complete the following checklist:

  • • Email your date of birth (for employment purposes) to recruitment@academyed.co
  • • Start to gather the compliance documents needed (explained in the FAQ document below)
  • • Provide the names and email addresses of two referees appropriate to this role. They will be contacted via email
  • • Join the Academy and RMITOnline Induction Course and make your way through the information
  • • Complete personal information in Employment Hero
  • • Complete banking, tax and superannuation information in Employment Hero
  • • Accept invitations to induction and training sessions
Links to documents:


As part of the onboarding process, we will be holding three different meetings, invites will be sent out shortly:

Welcome & introductions
A 30 minute meeting for you to get to know the other facilitators and run through the onboarding process

Canvas Training - for new online facilitators
During this session we will show you how to use the most necessary tools to facilitate your course. As we demonstrate each tool we will show examples of best practice.

RMITOnline Onboarding - for all online Facilitators
During this session RMITO will update you on what to expect this teaching period (updates, changes, and reminders). You will also hear from two of your colleagues who will share tips and advice about aspects of online facilitation based on their experience.

Academy systems and websites

Academy email address
We will setup an "@academyed.co" email address and email you the login details. The format of this email address will be "firstname.lastname@academyed.co". All Academy communication will be conducted via this email address and you can access the email account via GMail.

You can contact us at: rmitonline@academyed.co.
RMITOnline will provide you with additional contact details for their Teaching and Learning team.

HR system (Employment Hero)
Please ensure your personal information, banking, tax and superannuation information are all updated in our HR system called "Employment Hero". Link: HR system (Employment Hero).

Academy - RMITOnline induction course
Once you have received your invitation, join the Academy and RMITOnline Induction Course and make your way through the information. You can login with your GMail account by clicking on the GMail icon. Link: Academy Canvas.

Employment contract

You will be sent an electronic employment contract which requires your signature. Please sign the contract to formally accept your position. You will also need to create an account in our HR system if this is your very first time teaching with us. Login details will be sent to your personal email address.

You can login to our HR system (Employment Hero) here.

Academy - RMITOnline induction course

This induction course will provide you with a great deal of information on your new role. Please login with your GMail account to our Canvas LMS by clicking on the GMail icon. Link: Academy Canvas.

Payment FAQs

How much will I be paid?
You are paid on an hourly rate as specified in your employment contract. The number of hours you are paid for depends on the number of students enrolled in the course and the number of facilitators, which will determine your class size. Based on an average class size of 25 students, you will be paid the following:

Admin: 3 hours
Meetings: 3 hours
O-week: 3 hours
Training: 6 hours
Marking: 37.5 hours (1.5 hours per student)
Facilitation: 75 hours (3 hours per student)
Total: 127.5 hours

We will provide you with indicative student numbers in your contract. The actual student numbers used to calculate your pay will be based on the census date numbers, recorded in week 2.

To estimate how much you will be paid, please download the Salay Calculator file (see link in the Weclome section) and adjust the number of students for your course.

When do I get paid?
Your payments are split into two payments that reflect the workload throughout the teaching period. The first payment is 35% of the total and is processed on the Friday of week 3 of the teaching period. The second payment is 65% of the total and is processed after marking is completed, on the first Friday after the teaching period ends. This would be "week 8" of the teaching period.

Depending on your bank and their processing time, the payments will appear early in the week following.

What about superannuation?
For employees, you will be paid superannuation into your nominated super account. Super payments are processed once a quarter for the pervious quarter. For example, if you worked in teaching period one, which runs from January to March, you will be paid at the beginning of the next, in April.

Please ensure your superannuation account details are correct in our HR system. If they are incorrect, the payment will not be processed and will be delayed.

What about PAYG?
PAYG withholding tax is automatically calculated and taken out of your pay, depending on your individual tax rate. The tax withheld will be identified on your payslip. A PAYG payment summary will be sent after the end of the financial year.