Academy is a learning design and delivery business that partners with leading universities. It is a wholly owned business of Curio Group, a full-service education consulting, learning design and platform development company.

Academy Curio began delivering RMITOnline’s 5 postgraduate programs late in 2016. RMITOnline is a stand-alone company, backed by RMIT University.

Currently they deliver a Masters in:

  • • Human Resources
  • • Marketing
  • • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • • Project Management
  • • Engineering

Why work with Academy and RMITOnline?

Academy was started to help sessional educators have a great experience delivering high quality education. We partner with leading institutions such as RMITOnline to deliver a consistent student experience. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • • We offer above industry pay rates.
  • • The ability to teach high quality content at leading institutions.
  • • Flexibility to work from anywhere and to fit within your schedule.
  • • The possibility of working on larger projects such as learning design and course development.
  • • Coaching and training for lead tutor roles.

Understanding the relationship between RMIT / RMITOnline and Academy is key to having successful outcomes if you teach for us. Academy is responsible for sourcing and recruiting online facilitators, managing payroll and acting as an employer for all tutors.

Below are some common "frequently asked questions" relating to both teaching and recruitment. They should cover most of the common queries we get. If you have any extra questions, feel free to email:



How long is the course?
All RMITO courses and each teaching period is eight weeks in length. There are six teaching periods in one year beginning in the first week of January till mid December.

What is the time commitment involved?
The rule of thumb is a class of 25 equates to approximately 127 hours over the teaching period (8 weeks), approximately 15 hours per week. Most time would be allocated around weeks 3, 5 and 7 which is when marking of assessments are due. Keep in mind that these courses are delivered in eight weeks, with expectations on turn around times for responding to students and marking.

How much time is allocated to marking?
Marking would typically be around 1.5 hours per student.

What is the most common time for interaction with students?
Given the courses are Master’s programs, students have day-jobs and as such the preferred time for engagement is generally during lunch, after business hours 7-9pm, weekends and early mornings. Expect to be online a couple of hours a day for each teaching week.

Do I need to be located in Melbourne or Australia to teach?
No! Good news is that since this course is provided online, you can be located anywhere in the world, as long as you meet the expectations of the course. You do however need a valid Australian visa with work rights, if you are not an Australian Citizen. For more information visit:

What are some of my responsibilities?
Your responsibilities will include:

  • • Facilitate the course on the Canvas LMS
  • • Manage asynchronous online discussions with a class of up to 25-35 students
  • • Host regular webinars and record them
  • • Assess and provide feedback to students for all assessment tasks (typically 3)
  • • Respond to direct queries from students
  • • Collaborate with co-tutors and Course Coordinators regularly
  • • Incorporate your industry experience to better connect the learning

Expectations as a tutor
RMITOnline and Academy have certain expectations and key performance indicators that each tutor will be assessed against. The overall aim is for students to have a consistent high quality student experience. This is expressed in measures such as Good Teaching Scale (GTS) scores and Overall Satisfaction Indicator (OSI). Good Teaching Scale (GTS) measures students’ perceptions of teaching standards. It focuses on 6 areas; teachers' feedback, motivation, effort, attention, understanding of problems and skill in explaining concepts. We find that the best tutors need to have flexibility to adjust their teaching style whilst maintaining a focus on the student experience.

In addition to these KPI's, there are expectations around the use of the learning management system (LMS), regular interactions to generate discussion in your class and attendance of various one on one meetings throughout the teaching period.

These other responsibilities include:

  • • Respond to students within 24 hours
  • • Be present in the LMS and participate/encourage discussions regularly
  • • Mark all assessments within 5 days
  • • Attend LMS training and all on-boarding requirements

How will I be supported in this role?
Academy will assist and answer queries at every step in the recruitment process and during the teaching period. Once onboarded, Academy along with RMITO will provide induction and introductory content, resources such as Academy’s bespoke online facilitation course, learning management portal access and course content. This is an intensive learning experience for the students as well as the facilitator and you will be provided with a great deal of support from Academy and RMITOnline in order to deliver a great student experience.



What is the process?
Once an educator expresses their interest in a position, Academy works with RMITO to shortlist candidates. This can typically take 3 to 4 weeks. Once shortlisted, Academy issues emails notifying candidates of the outcome of their application and arranges interviews with those shortlisted. Interviews are conducted during the week and those successful are onboarded and welcomed into the Academy team the following week.

How long does recruitment take?
Recruitment is expected to be completed within six to seven weeks from shortlisting to onboarding. Academy will notify you of the outcome of your application at regular intervals during the process to ensure educators are adequately guided and aware of the situation.

What opportunities do you have available?
Recruitment for educators occurs 6 times a year, in line with the teaching periods run by RMITO. We have opportunities in all five programs (human resources, marketing, supply chain & logistics, project management and engineering). All our opportunities are advertised on Sessions ( at various times of the year.

How can I apply for an opportunity?
All our opportunities are advertised on Sessions ( Create a profile on Sessions and you will then be able to view current jobs. If there are jobs that match your skills and experience, indicate your interest.

What qualifications are required to teach?
As these positions are to teach and tutor Masters programs, we require a minimum of a Masters degree in the relevant field.

Do I need to have any prior teaching experience?
Prior teaching experience (both face to face and online) will be highly sought after. In your Sessions profile, application or CV, make sure you highlight your teaching experience, especially if it is at a tertiary level.

Do I need to have any industry experience?
Candidates with solid industry experience will have an edge over those that don’t. Ensure you highlight any relevant industry experience in your Sessions profile and application.

What can I expect in the interview?
For candidates that are shortlisted, a 15 to 30 minute interview will be conducted by Academy over Zoom. Discussion will centre around:

  • • Your teaching experience to date
  • • Your industry experience relevant to the course
  • • Motivations for teaching online
  • • What would you do to encourage a student who is struggling to engage?
  • • What techniques have you found work to engage learners in difficult or dry content?
  • • Key KPI’s and the role of the Online Facilitator